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female vocal quintet Aquarel

album Heavently gift

Heavently gift

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1. N. Diletsky Praise The Father, Praise The Son!
2. V. Voronin O Virgin Theotokos
3. E. Kucheryavaya For all of you who have been baptized into Christ
4. B. Filz Oh God, our Lord
5. P. Chesnokov Oh, my soul
6. V. Kikta To the most holy Mother of God
7. G. Artyukhina Angels praise
8. R. Tompson Halleluiyah
9. A. Shnitke The Jesus prayer
10. A. Shnitke The Lords prayer
11. M. Lauridsen Magnum mysterium
12. M. Karminsky Thanks be to God
13. D. Leontovich Shedryk
14. M. Drabkin Starry summer night
15. Russian folk song arranged by V.Kalistratov Tanya-Tanyusha
16. B. Lyatoshinsky The dream goes around
17. Russian folk song Stepa
18. Russian folk song arranged by A. Loginov I have a secret loved one
19. S. Banevich Softly plays the reedpipe the love song